ROCKERZ JAMAICA SKA JAMThe organization is “a Jamaican culture world trade and empowering alliance dedicated to positively re-defining dancehall culture and highlighting its lifestyle globally”. 
Rockerz Jamaica: “The Dancehall Art Foundation” 
is an award winning building community for over fifteen (15) years of influencing and fostering heritage.   The organization carries the colors of authenticity and fair trade in the “Dancehall performing arts” and culture. 


Rockerz Jamaica “The Dancehall Art Foundation “Advocates in strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style legitimacy, popularity, values and roots”.   A driving force implementing designs that will enhance and develop artistic platforms.

Rockerz Jamaica “Bringing Out Greatness” An empowering organization trading Jamaica’s popular dance style, music and artistic expressions while developing artistic, competitive and culture exchange platforms. FB_IMG_1512238399782Our Mission: “Making An Impact And Difference In The Life’s of Others”. Creating collaborations through cultural exchange programs between Jamaica, United States, Africa and Europe and simultaneously building a world class artistic and competitive platforms. Fostering the rich resources and potentials of an unbelievably, influencial culture.  Inspiring and empowerment of the youths and enriching the community.