34268908_10156200443990560_6256824849763663872_nNew hot remix for artist Akeju FT Bennie Man. “KISS &TELL REMIX” Dancers had an opportunity to be apart of this unique challenge; The DUN DEM “KISS & TELL” dance challenge; Dancers were judged on creativity, authenticity, and participants with the most comments and likes on IG had the chance to win $1000USD. Dancers from different genres and around the world participated.  After a month of challenge, a dance team from Jamaica took the winnings. On the behalf of The  Award Tour Music & Dancehall World Cup Congrats to Jahlivea Rockerz and King Dadda Unique of Rockkaz of Unique Rockkaz.   The Rockkaz definitely made the remix came to life; The combination with of some of their own Dancehall styles ( Teck it Ova & Smash Dem) mixed with Afro expressions and the right interpretations. The Rockkaz vybes up the thing and DUN DEM.


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