Donnaray Roc, International award winning artistic director, Marketing Director, Culture Ambassador of Import and export of Jamaican music, Dancehall lifestyle and culture. An advocate for artistic empowerment and youth development. Developing and redefining of dancehall as an art form and Implementing exclusive platforms that fosters Jamaican expressions, music and dancehall dance styles globally.  Founder of the Dancehall United Nations (DUN); C.E.O for “The Dancehall Culture Academy”; Marketing Director for Rockerz Jamaica and Artistic Director for “The World and Reggae Music Awards“. C.E.O for “The Jamaica International Dance Fest” Board Director at “The Dancehall World Cup

Donnaray has created a unique world redefining platform for dancehall culture, music and dance.  She brings a main stream access to dancehall culture markets with an astounding attractiveness and 100% authentic cultural experience.  Her platforms are influential and perfect for brands, media, artist in Europe, Africa,United States and the Caribbean.

Taking Jamaica’s dance and culture to the world. An advocate for artistic and youth and culture empowerment; “Import and export of Jamaican music, dance and culture for over fifteen years. Donnaray extensive mastering experience as an international award winning artistic director ranges from: Producer, Talent development, Choreographer, Production Performances, and hosing cultural and entertainment workshops packages.

Donnaray Roc is one the most distinguished and influential leader in main stream dancehall pop culture, who goes beyond ordinary to project the greatness of Jamaica’s culture.  dancehall ambassadorThe born Jamaican is developing structures, Implementing projects and programs that will cultivate major cultural exchange between Jamaica and world; Simultaneously building platform for educating and creating greater opportunities for the youths and performing arts.

29514296_10156031565605560_1546811049_oThe international phenom won her prestigious title from the International World and Reggae Music Awards ( IRAWMA) and the IED ( Image Entertainment Distinction Awards) . She is now involved in providing her expertise on the nominating committee for the World Music awards (IRAWMA).

She’s now extended her reach to produce“Dancehall World Cup “Dun Dem”. Founder and CEO The Dancehall United Nations (DUN).  Donnaray Roc” ensures staying true to her roots— spreading positiveness within her culture and to global markets.  Her company also provides educational programming to dancers and non-dancers in workshops around the world. Keeping the roots and foundation alive.

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