King Tubby is our master Jamaican composer, our dub Beethoven. The center of our sound system and dub consciousness. King Tubby is truly Jamaican innovator. King Tubby (born Osbourne Ruddock, January 28, 1941 – February 6, 1989) was a Jamaican electronics and sound engineer.


His name is know globally and considered the undisputed “King of Dub”.   In any museum on our popular music King Tubby would certainly become a central figure that would attract enormous interest.  known primarily for his influence on the development of dub in the 1960s and 1970s.

King Tubby is a giant in the history of sound system and Dub. Tubby’s innovative studio work, which saw him elevate the role of record producer to a creative height previously only reserved for composers and musicians, would prove to be highly influential across many genres of popular music. He is often cited as the inventor of the concept of the remix, and so may be seen as a direct antecedent of much dance and electronic music production.






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