90’s Dancehall is a trend setter era.  The 90’s dancehall is unmistakable! The pioneers in this era has brought forth something that is extraordinary to the fabric of timelessness.  Today’s dancehall has no comparisons in regards to foundation and blue print of what was originally created.  However, dancehall culture still pronounce the strongest with its lifestyle, music, dance and expressions.

bad like 90's Rockerz JamaicaIts global influence goes much deeper; The DNA of the people transcends their existence of why they are called Jamaicans. The foundation of dancehall’s DNA is within the people themselves. The stories, struggles, and levity.  Dancehall is a purpose, is a movement, its a natural mystic a ritual celebration. This is why the world is always looking to Jamaica for so much; Its culture, music, fashion, dance and levity.

The 90’s generation of artists, such as Buccaneer, Capleton, Shabba RanksMad Cobra, Patra, Diana King, Beres Hammond and Garnet Silk became the biggest Dancehall stars in the world.  90’s Dancehall had exploded in Jamaica as well as dance styles throughout West Indian communities (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens) in New York City.

In this short preview video of Dancehall 90’s;  A mixture of 90’s dancehall fashion and highlighting some of Bogle’s AKA MR. Wacky old school dance styles. Honoring some of Jamaican old school dance pioneers who contributed in building Jamaica’s dance styles through the decades. Keiva, Shelly Belly, Boysie, Legendary Colocolo, Timeless Tazz, Crazyhype.

Fashion Influence;  Jamaican styles are authentic all the way.  Invariably and truly original.  We have influence fashion designers and others over the years.

Author: Donnaray Roc 

Poster by Freestyle



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