Portrait of Jamaica’s legendary folklorist, actress, vocalist, comedienne, and social commentator, the Honorable Louise Bennett-Coverley O.M. 29251083_10156020167040560_592380417_oHonorable Louise Bennett-Coverley; was described as Jamaica’s leading comedienne, as the “only poet who has really hit the truth about her society through its own language”, and as an important contributor to her country of “valid social documents reflecting the way Jamaicans think and feel and live” Through her poems in Jamaican patois, she raised the dialect of the Jamaican folk to an art level which is acceptable to and appreciated by all in Jamaica.

In her poems she was able to capture all the spontaneity of the expression of Jamaicans’ joys and sorrows, their ready, poignant and even wicked wit, their religion and their philosophy of life. Her first dialect poem was written when she was fourteen years old. A British Council Scholarship took her to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art where she studied in the late 1940’s.

Poster was designed as one of four awards to be presented at the 2nd annual Palaver International Literary Festival in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, August 6 and 7.

Video story By Rockerz Jamaica
Edit by Roc Ray/ Roc Factory/Donnaray Roc

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Author: Donnaray Roc 


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